Family Law

d and h are experienced at advising on all areas of family law in Scotland. Our solicitors' specialisms include separation, division of assets, child contact and residence, and rights following the death of a spouse or partner.

The family law solicitors at d and h have extensive­ experience advising on the legal aspects of the breakdown of any relationship. That includes separation following the breakdown of marriages, civil partnerships, and cohabitation arrangements.

We aim to resolve cases amicably where appropriate, and we will always be compassionate and understanding. The d and h team is also equipped with the right mix of knowledge, expertise and experience to represent you in court proceedings relating to divorce, children and separation if necessary.

Family law is an ever evolving and complex area of law in Scotland, reflecting the way modern family life has transformed over the years. The family law team at d and h understands this and will shape our advice to fit your individual circumstances.

The breakdown of any relationship is difficult and stressful. Our respected team of specialists can help relieve some of the pressure as you navigate your way through separation or any other sensitive family matters.

d and h can also advise on the rights family members have upon the death of a spouse or partner.

We will treat everyone involved discreetly and with respect, providing clear guidance and advice as we aim to deal with all legal issues in an efficient, practical and straightforward way.

Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

The breakdown of any relationship, particularly when children are involved is complicated. Some of the issues that may need to be resolved include:

  • Fulfilling the legal process of divorce or civil partnership dissolution
  • Exploring issues related to financial and property interests
  • Rights about children’s access and residence

Children’s rights

One of the most sensitive and emotive aspects of family law relates to the rights of everyone involved when children are affected by a relationship breakdown.

Each circumstance is different and d and h will tailor an individual approach to resolving your case. We will navigate and explain the complex laws to ensure that you have as clear and concise understanding of what is involved.

Death of a spouse or partner

The family law team at d and h is well equipped to support families following the death of a loved one.

If your spouse or partner passes away, there is a lot to consider, at a time when you may feel under emotional pressure.

We can advise you on all the legal aspects with sensitivity. Our team will consider all your rights relating to property, financial matters, children and other family issues.


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