Rural Property, Agricultural & Crofting Law

d and h offer a wide range of rural property and agricultural and crofting law services for a variety of clients across Orkney, Caithness, Shetland and in other parts of rural Scotland.

The expert team at d and h is experienced at working alongside clients with different rural property interests including estate owners, landowning and tenant farmers and crofters, developers, community organisations, and charities.

Our rural clients are based in locations across Scotland including in Orkney, Caithness, Sutherland and Shetland. Our expertise and experience means d and h can offer clear and practical advice that will help guide you through the complexities of rural land law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Buying, selling, transferring, and leasing farms and agricultural land and buildings
  • Buying, selling, transferring and leasing crofts and croft land
  • Decrofting, resumption and assignation applications and succession to crofts
  • Rights of access issues
  • Legal investigation and drafting of deeds for services such as water or electricity
  • Agricultural and crofting tenancy issues
  • Advice on electricity wayleaves, telecommunications leases, renewable energy agreements
  • Bank security work

Crofting law

Whether you are looking to buy or sell croft land, manage a crofting estate, or arrange succession rights, the experienced team at d and h are ready to help crofters. And we aim to provide clear and straightforward advice.

Crofting law first came onto the statute books in the 1880s. Of course, the law has developed many times over the years with the passing of several acts, but it remains notoriously complex.

Thankfully, d and h lawyers have the expertise to guide you in a professional but clearly understandable way.

Our team is armed with the knowledge to guide you through all aspects of crofting law including decrofting, resumption, assignation of croft tenancies and succession to croft tenancies.

We can provide invaluable advice for crofters (existing and new) on a wide range of complex issues, helping save time and money.

Rural & Agricultural Property Solicitors

d and h are specialists in rural property, acting on behalf of clients with a broad range of rural property interests.

Our solicitors represent everyone from landowning and tenant farmers and crofters, to developers, community organisations, charities and estate owners.

Whether you are buying or selling a small country cottage, a farm or a landed estate, d and h has the expertise to guide you through the process and make it as straightforward as possible. Our team also has extensive experience in dealing with the day-to-day legal issues of owning a farm or a landed estate, including servitude rights for access and utility services, the legal aspects of refinancing and putting in place bank securities and agricultural lease and grazing agreements.

Rights of Access and Boundary Issues

The Scottish countryside is there for everyone to enjoy, but land and property disputes do occur.

Our team has many years’ experience of dealing with rights of access and boundary issues and can help resolve these matters with the minimum of fuss.

If you're looking for expert legal advice in Rural and Agricultural Property or Crofting Law, get in touch today.


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